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The images on this page represent some of my favorites from the past. All have been sold previously. Though my jewelry is one-of-a-kind and contains stones that are as unique as the creations they're part of, it may be possible to create a new piece that's similar to an earlier design. If you're interested in commissioning a piece of custom-made jewelry, please contact me.

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Earrings: "Neon Dusters"

"Neon Dusters" Earrings

Pin/Pendant: "The Red & the Black"

"The Red & the Black" Pin/Pendant

Pendant: "Koroit"


Black Garnet Earrings

Black Garnet

Pin/Pendant: "Circuit Board"

"Circuit Board" Pin/Pendant

Rainbow Pyrite Earrings

Rainbow Pyrite Earrings

Pin/Pendant: "Skycastle"

"Skycastle" Pin/Pendant

Pin/Pendant: "Fringed Butterfly"

"Fringed Butterfly" Pin/Pendant

Necklace: "Petit Baroque"

"Petit Baroque" Necklace

Pin: The Phoenix

"Phoenix" Pin/Pendant

Pin/Necklace: "Coober Pedy"

"Coober Pedy" Pin/Necklace

Earrings: "Blue Fan"

"Blue Fan" Earrings

Pendant: "Seahorses Redux"

"Seahorses Redux" Pendant

Fernwood Earrings

Fernwood Earrings

Pin/Pendant: "Guardian"

"Guardian" Pin/Pendant

Pin/Pendant: "ShellShocked"

"ShellShocked" Pin/Pendant

Pin/Necklace: "Ramaura"

"Ramaura" Pin/Necklace

Necklace: "Opals x 6"

"Opals x 6"


"...the fine art of custom jewelry design"

Fine Art Jewelry ~ Beth Rosengard